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Typically, the real estate closing takes place at our law firm but we are flexible to meet where it is convenient for you. You will meet with your attorney to complete the transaction and execute the necessary documents. Your attorney or Title Agent are present to ensure you complete closing documents accurately, which usually involves signing the right documents.

Once all of the documents are finalized, the attorney or Settlement Agent will write all the proper checks made payable to the involved parties and for certain expenses you have reviewed and pre-approved with your attorney. Afterwards, our in-house Title Agent and attorney is responsible for ensuring the Warranty Deed and Deed of Trust if a loan is involved this is the security instrument are correctly drafted, executed, and recorded in the proper county after the transaction is complete.

You will receive the original Deed to your property and a copy of your Title Insurance Policy. When you purchase real property, it is necessary to obtain Title Insurance. Title insurance is insurance to protect real estate owners and lenders against any property loss or damage they may experience in the future due to defects in the title ownership to the property, liens, and encumbrances.

Call one of our real estate closing attorneys today to get started on your real estate transaction. Home Attorney Profiles Russell E. Practice Areas. Real Estate Closing. Real Estate Closing Our Davidson County real estate attorneys can handle your real estate transaction from start to finish. Real Estate Closing The Closing of your real estate transaction is the process of transferring title from one property to another through a Deed based on the agreed upon consideration amount the funding.

What Happens at a Real Estate Closing? Access is limited to licensed agents and brokers, who usually pay for membership. Once the marketing media are selected, craft a compelling message.


Descriptions should include not just the basics — square footage, number of bedrooms and baths — but any features likely to attract more buyers. Even more important are the photos of your property. Because many buyers decide whether to visit a home based solely on the pictures, you may find it worthwhile to hire a professional photographer to showcase the most appealing views and rooms.

If you receive multiple offers for your home, keep two things in mind:. When fielding multiple offers, always look beyond dollar amounts. For example, many buyers put contingencies in their offers — conditions that, if not met, allow them to cancel the deal. These may include a requirement that the home pass an inspection, that you make certain repairs, or that the buyer gets approved for a mortgage. All things being equal, an offer with fewer contingencies is a better offer. The same holds true if one buyer makes a higher offer, but will need mortgage financing, while another buyer offers to pay less — but will use more cash.

For a seller, an all-cash offer with few or no contingencies is a dream come true, provided the price is reasonable. To prevent unpleasant surprises, you may even want to include a few your own contingencies in a counteroffer. But first consult with your real estate agent.

You never know what a second offer might look like. And if a home inspection uncovers a defect in need of repair, drop the price by enough to cover the repair, or offer to make the repair yourself. A genuine negotiation involves a certain amount of give and take by both parties. Sticking to your guns is fine if an initial offer is absurd, but a reasonable offer should prompt a counteroffer that contains some concessions on your part. Don't miss important home loan updates. Sign up for our newsletter. Your privacy is assured. When is the Right Time for You to Sell?

Then, determine if a reasonable sale price would be enough to: Pay off the current mortgage. Make a down payment and first mortgage payment on your new residence. Finance your moving expenses, any new furniture, etc. When is the Best Time for Anyone to Sell? Other benefits of hiring a good agent include: Putting a local real estate expert in your corner. Before hiring, you can screen candidates by asking questions such as: How many houses have you sold for more than the original list price?

What is your list-price-to-sales-price ratio?

Calculating Closing Costs

How will you market my home? Which marketing platforms will you use — e. Do you have references, especially from former clients? Do you carry Errors and Omissions Insurance? How many homes are you currently selling? Click to check current mortgage rates. Unfortunately, your needs are irrelevant to buyers. Rule of Thumb 2 states that zeroes are your friends. The reasoning here is that zeroes will give your house more visibility in internet searches. Preparing Your Home to Sell This author once attended an open house that broke every rule of home selling.

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Where chipped or peeling paint is visible, it should be painted over. Pale yellows and beige are traditional replacement colors. Note : some professional home stagers now deploy bright and vibrant colors for certain regions and demographics, but these people are experts. Declutter and Depersonalize. You can assist their imaginations by decluttering. Remove extra furniture, especially worn-out furniture, from rooms to make them seem more spacious.

Make repairs. Most buyers hire a home inspector, so attempts to conceal problems will be discovered — and may wreck the deal. This includes items as small as squeaky doors, tiny divots in the wall, stained carpets, scratched hardwood floors and outdated or broken light fixtures. Clean the carpets. Refinish the floors. Buy new light fixtures. Yes, these fixes will cost money, but they could also make the difference between a good outcome and a home that repels buyers.

Avoid major renovations and new furniture purchases.

Real Estate Lawyer

With very few exceptions, you will not recoup the costs of major renovations when you sell the house. Not even close. And again, because taste is a personal matter, your new kitchen cabinets could turn off more buyers than they impress. The same holds true of new furniture. Throw it away or put it in storage. Hide the children and pets! Your cat is adorable, as are your kids.

But you never know what one of them might do when guests arrive. Many realtors, and most home stagers, will advise you to escort them somewhere else when visitors arrive — or even sequester them the pets, most likely in a well-labeled room. Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid Waiting for the full asking price.

14 Steps To Buying A House – A Complete Guide For Home Buyers

Some homes go above asking price, some go below. Your home may sell, but it could take a long time.

Good agents are powerful allies. They can get your home sold quickly and for the right price. Failing to clean and prep your home.

Buying a House Remotely: A Step-By-Step Guide

Remember, buyers want to imagine themselves living in your house. Few people will do that if the place looks like one of the hovels featured on those TV shows about hoarders. Selling in the wrong season. Winter is the slowest season, but home buyers are out in force during spring and summer.

Real Estate Closing Costs Explained

The only advantage to winter is that you may attract a higher percentage of motivated buyers — people who need to move in a hurry. Getting emotional. It has blemishes, and may even need repairs. That might not happen. Failing to disclose problems. Most buyers will insist on a home inspection, so if you conceal defects, the odds are very high that you will get caught.

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    If you later relist the house, even at a lower price, many buyers will assume that something is seriously wrong with it or you and look elsewhere. Remember: you get only one chance to make a good first impression.

    The Complete Guide to Your Real Estate Closing The Complete Guide to Your Real Estate Closing
    The Complete Guide to Your Real Estate Closing The Complete Guide to Your Real Estate Closing
    The Complete Guide to Your Real Estate Closing The Complete Guide to Your Real Estate Closing
    The Complete Guide to Your Real Estate Closing The Complete Guide to Your Real Estate Closing
    The Complete Guide to Your Real Estate Closing The Complete Guide to Your Real Estate Closing
    The Complete Guide to Your Real Estate Closing The Complete Guide to Your Real Estate Closing
    The Complete Guide to Your Real Estate Closing The Complete Guide to Your Real Estate Closing
    The Complete Guide to Your Real Estate Closing The Complete Guide to Your Real Estate Closing
    The Complete Guide to Your Real Estate Closing

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