Silent Discourse

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Silent Discourse

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In the past, since the mass media was not easily accessible to everyone, graffiti was considered a powerful tool for transmitting thoughts and inclinations. In other words, as graffiti is affected by a specific line of thinking, it is possible to follow linguistic and cultural patterns.

The current paper tries to investigate the existing common linguistic patterns in English and Persian graffiti in order to understand their social and behavioral patterns better.

Foucault on Silence as Discourse

The research findings show that graffiti follow a distinguished linguistic pattern and are systematic, in a way that they can be compared with seven linguistic functions of Halliday. By systematic, it means that the graffiti can be analyzed through linguistic and cultural frameworks.

The diagram "acts as a relay" Deleuze and forms the essence of the cartographic approach, which is Deleuze-Guattari's semiotics par excellence. A diagram, or a map, engenders the territory to which it is supposed to refer: it is on the basis of diagrammatic thinking that new concepts and meanings are created.

Rabbi Leon Wiener Dow: The Halakha as Silent Discourse

Meanings are not given, but depend on signs entering "into the surface organization which ensures the resonance of two series" Deleuze , ultimately converging on a paradoxical entity that circulates in both series, becoming "both word and object at once" ibid. Meaning is identified with the evolution of signs in a diagrammatic process called by Peirce "semiosis," so that "Essence is…the third term [that] complicates the sign and the meaning; It measures in each case their relation.

For Deleuze, philosophers, writers and artists are semioticians and symptomatologists: they read, interpret and create signs, which are "the symptoms of life" As pertaining to diverse regimes of signs, communication is not limited to a verbal mode. Citing Proust "who said that 'masterpieces are written in a kind of foreign language'" Deleuze and Guattari 98 , they emphasize the potential of such "foreign" language to be truly creative.

A new language of expression may take a hybrid form of legible images.

Project MUSE - Silent Discourse: The Language of Signs and "Becoming-Woman"

This essay's focus is on the legible images embodied in the Tarot semiotic system, which proposes esoteric language cf. Deleuze as a long-sought-after, albeit utopian, characteristrica universalis.

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson - Book Discourse

As a metaphysical, yet practical, system Faivre Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

Silent Discourse Silent Discourse
Silent Discourse Silent Discourse
Silent Discourse Silent Discourse
Silent Discourse Silent Discourse
Silent Discourse Silent Discourse
Silent Discourse Silent Discourse
Silent Discourse Silent Discourse
Silent Discourse Silent Discourse
Silent Discourse

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