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References to Named Faces can be more than one level deep.

See below for examples of using Named Faces in parts that are more than one level deep. Expand the menu and select Face Properties. Enter the new name once the original name is highlighted.

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Name To A Face by Robert Goddard

Just thought you would like to know that you not only help the big boys but also independent owners. How to sell your communication plan to senior management. A formula for winning more executive approvals of your strategies. View photos on a map: Scroll down to the Places, then double-click a photo thumbnail to see the location where the photo was taken.

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Make a person a favourite: Scroll to the bottom and click Favourite This Person. Click Unfavourite This Person to remove them as a favourite. Create a memory from photos of a person: Scroll to the bottom and click Add to Memories.

If You Can’t Place a Name to a Face…

Click the Name button on the photo of the person you want to name, type a name, then press Return or choose a name that appears as you type. All the photos in the group are assigned the name. If you find more than one group of photos that identify the same person, you can combine the groups. In the Photos app on your Mac, double-click a photo to open it.

Click the Info button in the toolbar. Click the Add button , drag the circle to position it over the face if necessary, click the Name field, type a name, then press Return. You can click the Add button multiple times to identify multiple faces in a photo. To remove a name that you added to a face, click the Remove button on the person.

Name to a Face Name to a Face
Name to a Face Name to a Face
Name to a Face Name to a Face
Name to a Face Name to a Face
Name to a Face Name to a Face

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