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As a teacher, Jim was pleasurably, respectfully distant yet astoundingly perceptive. He had great patience. He would wait and wait, for weeks and weeks, in vaguely kind ambivalence until a student finally did something truly magical, at which point he would come alive and praise that moment in the poem so precisely and with such great generosity that we all understood this was bigger than personality or ego.

These moments were powerful, and not only the poet but everyone in the class learned something about what it meant to go beyond the ordinary. He somehow managed to avoid the pitfall of making us feel we were writing for him, probably because he so caustically discouraged any poetry that seemed like a bad imitation of his own.

After I graduated, we became friendly, in the way two people from different generations can be when they love and have committed their lives to the same thing. He was kind and funny, and I never had any desire to forget that he was a master and I was privileged to be in his presence. He and his wife, the poet Dara Wier, also my teacher and mentor, always treated me with immense kindness.

This would be both edifying and incredibly pleasurable. It just gets stronger and weirder. The poems in those books were hilarious, clever, scary, and immensely appealing.

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He was at the peak of his poetic powers, and it would have been natural for him to settle into this mode. But, for whatever reason, he changed his style. In his next five books, Tate settled into a fully narrative mode, somewhere between a short story willing to abandon its plot at any moment and a prose poem.

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He was looking for the pure poetry after all the things that usually tell us we are reading poetry are gone. Someone new to his work, or unaccustomed to reading poetry, might find themselves pleasantly surprised by the absence of all the usual things we expect, and perhaps dread, about contemporary American poetry. Some of the poems end with a real chortle.

They seem like ones anyone could have written, only slightly weirder. In every poem, there is a moment when reality shimmers, and the poem moves out of a purely narrative space and into something more like a waking dream. Some of the poems are wrenchingly sad; the sadness sneaks up on you because of the lack of sentimental manipulation that comes before it.

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They got in our food. I laughed out loud when I read that. Many more chicks are hatched, but by the end of the poem, a fox has gotten into the house and all the chicks have been eaten. Though the style varies some from section to section, this sample of the prose-poetry format may convey his approach. Tate takes us on many such journeys in these dreamlike meanderings for meaning of some kind. He is also the publisher at Bottom Dog Press. Enter your keywords. Dome of the Hidden Pavilion: New Poems. Author s :.

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Reviewed by:. Larry Smith. It was especially beautiful tonight, seeming to last a long time. A flock of ducks flew over hurrying toward their pond. I felt very peaceful.

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Dome of the Hidden Pavilion: New Poems

My job was going well. I had been given a raise. I was next in life for manager.

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Dome of the Hidden Pavilion Dome of the Hidden Pavilion
Dome of the Hidden Pavilion Dome of the Hidden Pavilion
Dome of the Hidden Pavilion Dome of the Hidden Pavilion
Dome of the Hidden Pavilion Dome of the Hidden Pavilion
Dome of the Hidden Pavilion Dome of the Hidden Pavilion
Dome of the Hidden Pavilion Dome of the Hidden Pavilion
Dome of the Hidden Pavilion Dome of the Hidden Pavilion

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