Conférence de Kyoto 京都講演

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As a world-renowned contemporary artist, Cai Guo-Qiang acts locally, and is inspired by classical arts. He transcends historical periods, national, and generational boundaries.

Cai Guo-Qiang, thank you very much for you keynote speech that stimulated thought on the binaries of localism vs. Aparna Tandon.

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Please note that there won't be any on site tickets from September Thank you for your understanding. The session discussed how museums can contribute towards local community development.

第173回CAPEレクチャー by Dr. Dirk Kindermann、Dr. Thomas Pölzle (12222/9/6)

As an expansion of our understandings of traditional museums exhibition display, and preservation , we need to revitalise the local identities, cultures, memories, and shared heritage, and foster equal relationships between the museum the local communities. The role of art in memory is the aesthetic experience, which is not only conveyed through its beauty, but also through its expression of horror.

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The museum is a place in which we can foster bonds amongst communities and societies for the betterment of humanity. Sebastiao Salgado, for this inspiring keynote speech, and the wonderful moments filled with your photography!

We were moved, captured, and felt a deep connection with Mr. He reminded us that, while the media presents us with images of destruction of the Amazon forest, what we must protect is the beauty of humanity, solidarity, and the people.

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Tomorrow, on September 4th, about 50 daily passes will be sold on a first come first saved basis! Read more? Search Insert a keyword. Attended by almost delegates from approximately 20 different countries, the conference reviewed the current status of cadmium markets worldwide, and provided up-to-date information on cadmium's key applications, including nickel-cadmium batteries, pigments and cadmium telluride solar cells.

Publications by: Carine EL HAJJ

Of special interest to conference attendees were the large numbers of presentations and conference delegates from China, now both the world's largest producer and consumer of cadmium and cadmium compounds. The complete presentations from the Eighth International Cadmium Conference are now available to all conference attendees free-of-charge by entering your personal access code below.

Buy the presentations Click Here. Access the presentations via your personnel access code Click Here.

Conférence de Kyoto 京都講演 Conférence de Kyoto 京都講演
Conférence de Kyoto 京都講演 Conférence de Kyoto 京都講演
Conférence de Kyoto 京都講演 Conférence de Kyoto 京都講演
Conférence de Kyoto 京都講演 Conférence de Kyoto 京都講演
Conférence de Kyoto 京都講演 Conférence de Kyoto 京都講演
Conférence de Kyoto 京都講演 Conférence de Kyoto 京都講演
Conférence de Kyoto 京都講演 Conférence de Kyoto 京都講演

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