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He was nothing I thought he was.

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Delete it. Move on. Zach definitely had the wrong number. Or is she just a lying attention seeker? The truth is always more complicated than it seems. Will good fortune keep smiling on them or will their luck run out, destroying their dreams? Valente and S. I married him in and at the time of his death fourteen years later, his name was known from coast to coast as one of America's brilliant young lawyers My first thought was that whether he was dead or alive, it would be something to get all the mud cleaned off the poor fellow.

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However, two hours later, at the Athenian Literary Society meeting, it was announced that the opening speaker for the affirmative would be Frank Jones. I began to pay attention, not because of what he said but because this was the same young man who had been ploughed under the mud -- and he was clean! Why he fairly gleamed! There was enchantment in the very thought of his transformation! His broad forehead toped with blond hair, his blue eyes and fair skin made him seem handsome to me.

But he took prind in the fact that he was 'homely;' said that he lacked in beauty, God made up by giving him brains To this the four of us were assigned The four of us were welcomed heartily into the student body where there were others from country districts and who, like us, must work hard to get adjusted but who, on the other hand, knew many things not learned in school which were important in meeting the problems of life. My teachers, knowing my background, led me gently and prayerfully through Latin, Algebra, Medieval and Modern History, Science and Literature, to mention only a few subjects in my three-year course.

Frank was always popular with the girls, but he had not been 'keeping steady company' with anyone, so when we began 'going steady,' it seemed to portend a romance of serious nature. It was a letter asking her permission for him to correspond with me. I was hesitant about showing here that letter, for if she said 'Yes,' then I felt sure that when I grew up, he would be the one I would marry.

Mother said 'Yes, write to him, but you mustn't keep steady company with anyone, for you are too young. In the chapter of her book, entitled Florida on pps , she notes that she has a daughter who attended Eastman School of Music and a son who graduated from Virginia Military Institute where he won the Garnet Andrews Prize. He was in the Navy and was on a P. He helped in the rescue of injured men during the attack on Pearl Harbor. He also went through the Battle of Midway. Aura was actually related to two different Fike families.

Mary Jane, according to her diary, spent quite a bit of time in Naco. If there is any information on this family, I would love to see it and will pass it on. The Earthquake of This article was delivered to me as a photocopy from a newspaper; however, I can't determine from which newspaper or when it was printed. The by-line for the story is Pat O'Hare. The Western Forum is no longer being published. Our thanks to Mr. May 3, It sounded like the explosion of dynamite echoing through the town, with the earth shaking violently. People ran screaming into the streets, merchandise and glassware crashed to the floor from their shelves, gaping holes appeared in buildings on Allen Street.

A reporter from the Tombstone Prospector newspaper pulled out his watch and counted the 35 seconds the earthquake lasted. Eight minutes later, a second shock of about two seconds; a third shock was hardly felt, about p. Water spurted up out of the ground in great fountains out in the middle of the desert. Ten miles from Tombstone, a lake covering an acre of ground completely dried up in 20 minutes, as reported by the Tucson Citizen Weekly Newspaper of May 4, Some old timers say the San Pedro River's course was changed from South to North that day, that it went largely underground and locals say that the sound of rushing waters may still be heard from the inside of a cave near the site of Charleston.

The water line snapped between Tombstone and the water storage tank in the Huachuca's, where the shock had lasted fully three minutes. Fires surrounded the horizon, smoke shut out the Sun. The many large mesquite trees that had dotted the open range were burned to their roots. All the grass was destroyed and many cattle died of starvation. Deep underground, William F.

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Staunton was working as a mining engineer in the Toughnut Mine. After a loud explosion and a thunderous roar, loose rock came crashing down from the walls. He told his partner, "It's an earthquake, get under something quick!

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The quake there lasted only thirty seconds, but the ground shook so violently that every building in town was damaged. Many of the adobe homes fell into the river and were swept away. There was a rush of water in Sulphur Springs Valley. Water shot up into the air to a considerable height, 4 or 5 feet in width, and extended fully feet in distance. In Bisbee, the Prospector's correspondent, W. Banning, said that boulders rolled down the steep solid rock canyon walls of the town for ten minutes with reports like cannon shots, beginning at p.

David was shaken for three full minutes. Buildings collapsed and part of the schoolhouse was ruined. Water was dumped out of irrigation ditches. The water level changed abruptly on the day of the quake, and artesian ponds suddenly appeared in the valley adjacent to the village. Fearing aftershocks, the community slept outdoors that night. Shortly after p. Waves of aftershock played with a Southern Pacific engine like a child's toy, pushing it to and fro on its tracks. Residents rushed into the streets, fearing that they would be crushed by toppling buildings.

The Whetstone Mountains were covered with fire and smoke which many assumed represented volcanic activity. In Tucson, huge boulders came crashing headlong into the valley from the Santa Catalina Mountains, striking together like flint to catch the grasses and dry wood afire. For several days, the citizens saw nothing but smoke and fire, believing that their beautiful mountains had been destroyed. Strong shock waves had reached out miles, from Northeastern Mexico at Bavispe, Sonora the epicenter of the quake , north to Phoenix where it rang church bells , southern Arizona, New Mexico and western Texas.

In , the late Professor John S. Summer, Dept. Geo-Sciences, U. Frank and Peggy stood by it with cameras set and were peering down the highway. On its broad back perched jauntily a white house with a green roof. It whizzed by us. Get ready! Both Secrests feverishly snapped shutters at its rear end rapidly disappearing down the road, for this was an event in their lives worthy of record.

And on those trucks was their gamble in a new country - southeastern Arizona. There was no turning back now. Frank and Peggy Secrest had gone ahead and done what thousands of people dream about but few have the courage to do. They had sold their home and business in Pasadena, California, and bought a few acres in the little Arizona community of Palominas on the desert a mile from the Mexican border. There, 18 miles from the nearest town, they hope to live the rest of their lives under the peaceful, wide-spreading Arizona sky. But the Secrests were not taking flight from work.

Far from it. The war surplus buildings from Ft. Huachuca which whizzed by us that February morning were eased into foundations and converted into their home and the community's first general store: The Palominas Trading Post, Frank Secrest, Proprietor. Now they find the world still very much with them, but it is a different kind of world with a life geared to those who make their living outdoors in the sun, wind, heat and cold of a semi-arid land.

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The grand opening was in June. That morning Peggy finished painting the white buildings a smart combination of buff with orange trim and Frank installed the last shelf and piled up the final can. They stopped, a little out of breath, and looked at each other. It had been a tremendous job and already they had learned that on the desert you do many things for yourself if you want them done at all. And together they turned and opened for the first time the door of the Palominas Trading Post. They all ate cake and cookies, drank fruit punch, and admired the store with its shiny new counters, shelves, refrigerators and deep freezers.


In fact, they stayed on to make the opening one of the biggest and most enthusiastic social events Palominas had ever known. The day was a success. Frank and Peggy went to bed tired that night, wondering whether a store in the desert was a practical proposition which would support them the rest of their lives, or just a beautiful dream spun out of wishful thinking. They had staked their future. Would they win or lose? They didn't know throughout the long hot summer, but the Trading Post seemed to fill a need and almost immediately became a center of community life.

Kids swarmed into the store at all hours for ice cream and pop, and customers materialized out of the empty Arizona landscape, made their purchases, and remained to sit on the broad porch out of the sun to discuss the latest developments in cattle, mining, crops, weather. Peggy's gift shop and lending library, which took up one whole side of the store, became a favorite meeting place with the women of the community. By fall, the Secrests and the Palominas Trading Post were a part of the life of our valley, and it is a little difficult to remember now how we got along before they arrived.

But life for these transplanted city dwellers in their new desert setting hasn't all been easy. In spite of station wagons, electric power, radios and butane, Frank and Peggy are pioneers - true descendants of the adventurous Americans who settled the old west. There have been hardships, setbacks, and times when the Secrests wondered why anyone ever thought this stark, uncompromising country was worth taking from the Apaches.

But after a hard day, perhaps they would watch the sun set in a flaming sea of clouds behind the Huachuca Mountains, see the stars flash out like a myriad of tiny searchlights in the darkening sky, and feel the silence of the desert night descend over them like a velvet cloak. Then they knew why they had abandoned the city to become pioneers in a new land. However, we bring our habits, like our furniture, along with us. Forthwith, she carefully nursed a little patch of lawn, put in a modest garden and planted fruit and poplar trees.

All throughout the long hot summer Peggy watered and cultivated her miniature oasis. Then tragedy struck: a neighbor's cow wandered in, made a clean sweep of the flowers and cropped the foliage from the infant trees. That day Peggy would have exchanged for one small city apartment with a potted geranium in the window. But the pioneer spirit wasn't broken. Once more flowers bloomed around the house and the trees were bravely putting out new shoots inside cow-proof wire cages. Share This eBook:. Add to Wishlist.

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An Early Christmas Gift (Red Valley Ranchers, Book 3) An Early Christmas Gift (Red Valley Ranchers, Book 3)
An Early Christmas Gift (Red Valley Ranchers, Book 3) An Early Christmas Gift (Red Valley Ranchers, Book 3)
An Early Christmas Gift (Red Valley Ranchers, Book 3) An Early Christmas Gift (Red Valley Ranchers, Book 3)
An Early Christmas Gift (Red Valley Ranchers, Book 3) An Early Christmas Gift (Red Valley Ranchers, Book 3)
An Early Christmas Gift (Red Valley Ranchers, Book 3) An Early Christmas Gift (Red Valley Ranchers, Book 3)

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